Feed from Food s.r.l (SB), Start up Innovativa e Spin off con il sostegno dell’Università degli Studi di Milano

Marta Castrica. (Feed from Food Srl Group). The mission of Feed from food is to make sure that the food surplus and waste can be reintegrated into the production cycle before it becomes waste, enhancing it in the food chain of the pet food. Feed from Food represents today, thanks to the technology developed and […]



Ana Jovanovic. SeaStars. People that care about culture, environment and want to give back to the society. Project would implement small libraries (or book drop points) close to the beaches. Mediterranean is well known for it’s beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage. Spending time in the beach is also part of Mediterranean culture. It would […]



Rossella Vadalà. The project involves the construction of a spray packaged in cans for domestic, commercial and industrial use. This spray is able to form on the surface of hard and semi-hard cheese, an edible polymeric biofilm, based on chitosan enriched with essential oils of Sicilian herbs (oregano, thyme, marjoram, sage..). This innovative cheese packaging […]


Riqualifica del centro storico ed implementazione del turismo sostenibile in Provincia di Enna

Michele Pedone. (MIDENNA Group). The project aims, through the renovation of abandoned real estate and the creation of a system of sustainable tourism, at reactivating the assets present in the Province of Enna, in Sicily, so as to improve durably the living conditions of both inhabitants and guests. The idea is that of exploiting one […]


Air Buster

Giorgio Mugavero. (Air Busters Group). The problem of environmental pollution is now on all the newspapers, on the news and on social media: it is a race against time. Air pollution, in particular, is a problem that concerns everyone, since air is essential for animal and plant life. The main causes of air pollution are: […]


Remnants of war

Abdulmalek Salem A. Shefat. It is known that not a single day has passed on this world without starting or ending a war. Since ever people have been killing and fighting with each other for reasons like trips, women, food or land. The last two centuries, since the invention of guns, there has been a […]


Saving the Mediterranean Sea from plastic using sustainable artificial intelligence

Francesco Garita. The idea consists of developing intelligent robots, equipped with renewable energy systems, and send them around the Mediterranean Sea in order to remove buoyant plastic and any other rubbish present on the sea surface. Ideally, the robot will be equipped with small photovoltaic panels to provide in-loco energy that feeds a small electrical […]


River Cleaner – “The zero-emission system, preventing marine pollution due to plastic waste”

Lorenzo Lubrano Lavadera (Blue Eco Line Group). The River Cleaner project is the proposal of Blue Eco Line start-up. River Cleaner is an installation devoted to collection of fluvial pollution, particularly macro-plastics. This patented system aims to be efficient, integrated in different settings, sustainable; moreover, the system reduces costs of installation and maintenance. The River […]

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