Air Buster

Giorgio Mugavero. (Air Busters Group).
The problem of environmental pollution is now on all the newspapers, on the news and on social media: it is a race against time.
Air pollution, in particular, is a problem that concerns everyone, since air is essential for animal and plant life. The main causes of air pollution are: vehicle exhaust pipes, air conditioners, industrial exhausts.

The ingredient that guarantees life on earth is lacking: the balance between the beings that inhabit it and the environment that hosts them. The man in particular is called to change his habits to stem this phenomenon. Unfortunately, despite the massive information, we are used to giving little importance to all this; the reason is probably the disbelief on our part in the face of the “latest calls for help” by scientists, researchers and ecologists.

Although innovation and research are trying to row against this impending danger, it is also true that without the help of man, the work of technology would be frustrated.

And so, how could technology succeed in making man participate in this race against time? Creating awareness and giving concrete and visible proofs to all of our precarious existence.

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