Riqualifica del centro storico ed implementazione del turismo sostenibile in Provincia di Enna

Michele Pedone. (MIDENNA Group).
The project aims, through the renovation of abandoned real estate and the creation of a system of sustainable tourism, at reactivating the assets present in the Province of Enna, in Sicily, so as to improve durably the living conditions of both inhabitants and guests.

The idea is that of exploiting one of the heaviest consequences of the human drain of the territory, i.e. the many uninhabited and abandoned houses, as key asset to attract external resources. Such income should be redistributed in the fairest possible way among the inhabitants, according to the spirit of sustainable tourism. This should not be considered as a mere ideological issue: it is necessary, in fact, to avoid that the touristic exploitation could result in the distortion of the pre-existing economic and social dynamics, as it often happens – with evident and prejudicial outcomes – in less rich touristic destinations. For this purpose, the human assets present on the territory shall be employed at all levels (guided tours, activities, transportation, restaurants and typical alimentary products) to provide a high-value-added stay.

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