Smart Rescue

Dario Giusto Calamera. (Smart Rescue Group). Our project is based on the development of an application whose purpose is to facilitate prompt intervention in situations of natural disasters. Specifically, the software, appropriately pre-installed on the mobile phone, is able to detect the position of an individual via GPS and transmit it, at preset time intervals, […]


Infrastrutture digitali a sostegno del turismo. Un’App. per la città di Enna

Davide Spalletta. Given the historical / archaeological stratification of the city and given the problems concerning the search for an effective, efficient but above all economic project, we can search for new forms of sustenance for the cultural heritage through a simple multimedia application that provides the tourist with clear and direct information, easy to […]


Piattaforma web per la mappatura di aree degradate e derelitte nella Valle del Simeto

Agata Lipari Galvagno. This project is proposed by a non-profit voluntary association called “Participatory Presidium of the Simeto Agreement”. This one brings together the entire civil society of the Simeto valley that for several years has stopped thinking individually in favor of the community, undertaking a path that led to the design of actions with […]



Giovanni Milanese. We are talking about a platform open to everyone citizens who love his city and care about development of service that it can offer. This platform, that will be available on every environment (Mobile and PC), use a simple logic but able to guarantee what was written above. By accessing the platform it […]


L’intelligence artificielle pour la prédiction d’Alzheimer

Ayari Taha Yassine. Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable neurodegenerative disease (progressive loss of neurons) of brain tissue that causes the progressive and irreversible loss of mental functions, including memory. There is also a change in the behaviour of the person with Alzheimer’s disease, which requires special attention from the family. In Tunisia, there were 60,000 […]


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